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EcoEnergia - The Feeling Good Company manages a vertically integrated agro-industry farm project in Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique that involves organically certified growing, processing, packaging and sales of natural whole cane sugar, cashew kernels, moringa powder and medicinal alcohol. We intend to keep adding more products in response to market demand.

Our first project is a 1,000 ha farm in Cabo Delgado, Chiúre situated 180km South of Pemba port and 220 km from the Nacala port. We have named it the Ouro Verde Farm. The Ouro Verde Farm operates as a core farm in partnership with local farmer cooperatives. It has good to excellent soils of which 55ha hold a cashew orchard, 5ha a moringa plantation, 3ha a vegetable garden, 3ha an area of aloe vera barbadensis and ocra and 140ha are developed to a state-of-the-art irrigation for sugar cane and other food crops off the Rio Lúrio. We have installed a natural sugar processing facility and a distillery for production of medicinal alcohol on the farm. We have initiated the process to add a cashew processing facility during the next ten months.

A nursery of cashew and moringa trees are in place to expand cashew and moringa orchards on the Ouro Verde farm as well the farmland areas of cooperative partners over the next five years.

With our current set-up we can produce plant based products that bring triple line returns (social, environmental, and financial). We can do so in a manner that builds healthy soils, provides responsible and sustainable water stewardship and protects and restores the resilience of biodiversity and ecosystems.

The Ouro Verde farm employs 40 permanent and 100 seasonal workers, 20% of which are women. We intend to increase the number of women within our team and have recently engaged five new interns that will work with cultivation and with sales. Once the cashew processing facility is in place, we expect to double the number of permanent employees.Current cooperative partnerships involve approximately 300 small farmers. We expect this number to increase to 800 farmers by 2028.

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